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ARO Revolutionizes Robotics with its Unique RaaS Model

Dec 30, 2022

ARO Revolutionizes Robotics with its Unique RaaS Model

December 30,2022—Chicago, Illinois. In the new world of robotics, cost is often a factor. With devices and deployments typically ranging in cost from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand of dollars, many companies cannot easily afford the capital purchase of a device. RaaS has been a proven solution to this problem, but implementation has been difficult with many hurdles for companies related to structure and funding.

ARO today announces a RaaS partnership program designed to solve those problems and lower customers’ barriers to adoption. ARO can extend complete capital purchases to OEMs through this revolutionary program, own the asset, and preserve all the benefits of a manufacturer-backed RaaS program. Unlike traditional financing, ARO’s model includes ARO’s traditional robotic implementation and managed robot services bundled into the price for a true robot-as-a-service model.

With extended warranties, device upgrades, and customer success programs, customers can be assured that their robots will operate efficiently and effectively while always being supported. Manufacturers can enjoy capital preservation, device up-sales, and the full weight of ARO’s operational support to ensure their customers have the best experience with their robots.  

“We’re incredibly excited to announce our new RaaS program,” says Jeff Pittelkow, Managing Director of Robotics for ARO. “Our partners are always looking to preserve capital, increase sales, and increase customer success and device utilization. This program provides a complete package in making all of those things happen”.  


About ARO Robotics

ARO is a global leader in Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), including robotic financing, management, operations, customer success, and support. Through ARO’s nique RaaS model, manufacturers can enjoy capital preservation and operational commercialization. End-customers can enjoy a high level of management, support, and oversite of their new robotic employees. These management services include implementation, daily operations, 24/7 remote monitoring, robotic fleet management, account management, break/fix support, dedicated personnel, and complete robot lifecycle management.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Chicago, ARO has over 30 years of experience in managed services and operations, specializing in integrating people, processes, and technology.  


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